With our latest technology in collapsible pond and our magic ( SHARP) Fish feed, you are guaranteed maximum return on your investment Our blend of latest pond technology and fish meal research offers:
A fish feed (sharp Feed) that give you and average of 1.5kg fish weight within four (4) months of stocking Already proven

* Sharp feed eliminate the use of any antibiotics and other fish drugs, since it's completely formulated with all essential Vitamin
& antibiotics. Hence the magic growth.

* Sharp feed is a floating catfish feed nutritionally designed to float. this increase feed consumption and minimizes wastage.

* A collapsible fish pond with metal frames for years of service.

* Easy to maintain collapsible mobile pond of various sizes.

You can also get from us, other fish farming equipment viz:

* PH Meter
* Pond Thermometer
* Auto Pond Cleaner
* Fingerlings Pocket Scale

* Hand net of varying sizes


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