Welcome and thank you for contacting God Knows Farm (Gk farm). We render sales and services on Fishery & Fish feed, aquaculture equipments and Poultry.

Gkfarm is the sole producer of SHARP feed in Africa. Sharp feed is a tested and trusted feed in the fish farming industry. We make bold to say with our overall technology in fish farming, farmers in Nigeria now harvest their stock within 3-4 months of stocking.

The daily feeding rate is normally 3% increase or decrease the feeding rate when climate, water temperature, water quality and fish's condition changes
Feed 2-3 times daily as much as fish will consume in 1 hour

A strict compliance to our feeding INSTRUCTIONS give an evident result in your fish pond. Only a trial will convince you


The breed of chickens that a producer selects for his flock depends upon the purpose for which the chickens are intended. The types of chicken breeds to select from falls into one of three categories:

1. Egg laying stock,

2. Meat-type birds and

3. Dual purpose breeds.

Each type of bird is genetically developed to satisfy the best attributes for which they are intended. However, no single breed of bird will provide the best characteristics for all three purposes.

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